Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, "declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A little behind.

I know, it's been forever.  Sorry, I'm busy!
Ok so I'll get to the point.   A few days ago Steven wasn't feeling so great.  He leaned his head over, put his hand on his forehead and said "Mom, I think I have a beaver".  Sometimes that fact that he can't hear well drives me nuts and sometimes it's priceless.
In other news, Steven is a senior this year!  I know, I can't believe it either.  The future is still a scary thing for me to talk about but that is the first question I am asked.  I don't really know what will happen after he graduates.  He can stay in school for one more year, it's called being a super senior, or he could get a job.  We are always looking for work for him.  There are so many benefits to living in a small community but this isn't one of them.  There just aren't the supports that a big city has.  We will keep trying and looking for what ever God has for him.  I can't worry about it, it's just to big for me.  I just am depending on God to reveal his plan at the right time.  I'll try to do better and post more often but I will leave you with some of the highlights from the last year.
He participated on the high-school basketball team.  When given the opportunity to play (for about 15 seconds)  he did what he does best, dribbled down to the free throw line and shot a perfect swish!  He did great in the Special Olympics winter games.  His skiing really improved and he actually started to like it!  He also went to prom and had great time dancing.  One of his greatest accomplishments was knee boarding without help.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Duh, it's Peter Pan

It's common knowledge that Steven talks to himself and that it drives me crazy.  Recently he has named the person he talks to, he tells me it is Prince Charming.  So when basketball started again and I was getting ready to drop him off for practice and he was of coarse talking to his "friend", I was telling him that while he was there he should not talk to Prince Charming and he promptly informed me that he wasn't talking to Prince Charming and with his eyes rolling he said "Im not talking to Prince Charming Mom, it's Peter Pan" and by the way he said it I could tell he thought I was ridiculous to think it was the Prince, it was obviously Peter Pan.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Hollywood Ball

Steven gets some amazing opportunities.  He got to attend a ball put on by the Global Down syndrome Foundation this summer.  His date was his princess of coarse.  What a fun night.  It was like going to a Hollywood awards show.  They walked in on the red carpet and had their photos taken. They were served a very nice meal and got to dance the night away.  There was a dance competition and even Elvis made and appearance.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It's been so long since I have posted I don't even know where to start.  Steven's most recent accomplishment is being in the Be Beautiful Be Yourself fashion show.   It was a much bigger deal than I originally thought.  I should have known it was a big deal when they told me the tickets were $500/ea?!  What!!!  Ya, $500. They did give us 1 free ticket-1, not 2?  He has 2 parents?  So since I gave birth I decided I was going to be the one that went.  It was very well done.  30 young people with Down Syndrome modeled clothing.  They were assisted by local volunteers and local celebrities.  Steven got to walk the runway with a blond Broncos cheerleader!  It was perfect.

Friday, February 10, 2012

You Suck!

Hello, it's been a while I know. I am finding it is difficult to keep up with Steven's stories with all my responsibilities. But I must share this one. So, he has been helping out with the basketball team this year. Doing jobs, and just hanging out with the team. On game days he dresses up like the team in a shirt and tie (which he loves, of coarse). So he walked in the gym the other day and the other team was just sitting on the bleachers hanging out. It was still early so they were just waiting until it was time to get dressed. Steven knew they were the opposing team so he decided to put them in their place by yelling, "You Suck, you suck", over and over. The athletic director walked in on this and was appalled. She took him aside and told him that was bad sportsman ship. He doesn't know what sportsmanship is so she tried to explain. She then told him he needed to apologize. So he went over to the team and said "I'm sorry, but YOU SUCK", to which the whole team cracked up, even the coach spewed his sandwich. Thats my boy:)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Growing Up

Steven had hip surgery about 2 weeks ago and I don't know what they did to him, but he seems to have grown up. He has handled it very well. It has been amazing seeing how fast he is healing, but he also different in other ways. Last night he remembered an advent calendar we used to put up at Christmas but haven't for years. I don't like it because of all the small parts and it's just another thing for me to do. He never enjoyed small action figures. His fine motors skills just weren't good enough to maneuver those little parts. I got it out and he had so much fun putting it together.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

One For Bekah

I know I ususally write about Steven here, but I have two stories about his princess that are just to priceless not to share. Bekah has dyslexia and part of her disability is that she misunderstands what she hears sometimes (at least thats what Childrens Hospital said, maybe she just can't hear), but anyway it makes for some interesting conversations. We have had 2 such incidents recently. One was when I was complaining about our lap top and how bad I wanted a new one. Now you need to know I consider the lap top Scott's computer so when I refer to it I say Dad's computer. So as I was telling her how I wanted a new one I said "As soon as Dad's dies I'm getting a Mac." Her very sincere and worried reply was "Why do you have to wait for Dad to die." While your still laughing I'll go on to the next one. Friday night Scott had a terrible migrain headache and in an effort to get rid of it he was using oxygen (I know it's weird but we have oxygen at our house), we keep it upstairs so he was laying in her bed using it. So when I told her "Dad had a terrible migrain and had to lay in your bed with the oxygen", she said (again completely seriously), "who is Austin."