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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I don't have a picture to go with this post so you will just have to use your imagination. I have been leaving Steven home alone for short periods of time for about a year, but that practice my have to stop. About a week ago I was leaving to have lunch with some friends and Bekah (Stevens sister) was on her way home from work, so I decided to go ahead and leave. I told Steven Bekah would be there soon (which meant within 15 minutes) and went on my way. I never dreamed how much could happen in 15 minutes. Steven called his sister twice, me once, his Dad once, Bekah's old boyfriend once and....911!. Yep, he did. They responded as 911 ought to with, "911, what is your emergency". Well some how he proceeded to tell them that there were bad guys in the house and someone was dead. They immediatly send a policeman to the house, but he can't enter until backup arrives, so he is parked
inconspicuously accross the street. Bekah arrives home thinking what is going on over there. But as she exits her car she hears, "Hey,...Hey you, come here", being whispered from behind her. She just about jumps out of her skin (and like any teenager immediatly thinks she is in trouble). The officer asks her to come out to the street behind some trees so they can't be seen from the house and tells her there has been a 911 call from this location from someone who speaks spanish and someone in the house is dead!!! She breaks down in tears and tells him the only person home is her brother. The officer can't go in because backup still isn't there and for about 6 or 7 minutes (but it seemed like an eternity) she thinks Steven is dead. Then suddenly Steven pokes his head out the door and notices his sisters car and says "Bekah?". The officer tries to get him to come out, (he still thinks there are bad guys inside), but Steven sees a police officer and jumps back in the house and closes the door. Bekah explains that if Steven doesn't see her he won't come out and he finally lets her get close enough to the house so Steven can see her and then he comes out. By then the other officers are arriving and they ask him if there are bad guys inside to which he enthusiasticly replies, "yes". Bekah tries to assure them that he is making it up, but they must respond as if there were a real threat. So 5 officers converge on my home from every angle and check every nook and cranny, but no bad guys. After they are satisfied that it was all a mistake they leave. All this happened in about 25 minutes while I am happily oblivious with my girlfriends having lunch. When I get home and hear the whole story I still want to know who the spanish speaker was that called 911. When I am able to speak with the officer who responded he assures me there was no spanish speaker. The 911 dispatcher couldn't understand Steven so she made and assumption. So needless to say, Steven won't be spending a lot of time home alone anymore.

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  1. Sweet boy. At least he knows what to do when there are "bad guys" in the house ;)