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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sick!!! Happy Valentines Day

Steven has a terrible cold. I hate it when he is sick. It is so sad. Because of some anatomy issues that are normal in people with Down syndrome it makes having any kind of sinus problem worse. He just can’t breath through his nose at all. We work on him with sinus washes and nasal spray and cold medicine, but it is just a horrible week no matter what you do. So here we go again. But it is the first time he has been sick this year and that is such a blessing. Years ago when he was under 8 we spent most winters in and out of the hospital, on constant antibiotics and having ear and sinus surgeries. Those were tough years. I praise the Lord that I was younger and had more energy because we just operated on no sleep most of the time.
But even though he has had sinus surgery to open up his sinuses, and his tonsils and adenoids removed he still struggles with any kind of sinus illness. He is such a trooper. He takes his medicine and when it works tells me how he is not sick anymore, only to have the symptoms return a few short hours later. I will pray that this one will go away on its own (and soon) without antibiotics. And maybe next time his immune system will be that much stronger.

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